Parents Aiding Learning & Support

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Welcome to PALS

Originally founded in 2002, we are a group of parents from Millennium IPS who offer assistance to parents of any child within the school who may require additional support.

We have funded specific training for Millennium staff to support these children, and have purchased specialist equipment and resources, e.g. ear defenders, weighted beanbags and fidget toys for each class, handwriting tools and aids, games and resources for friendship groups and nurture groups within the school, and a squeeze machine for the relaxation room.

We liaise very closely with our Learning Support Coordinator to make sure the school is meeting the needs of the children..

We promote a close home-school working relationship.

PALS notice board

For any further information, please contact the School Office or the Learning Support Coordinator.

“Parents can seek professional help, but they also need help from fellow parents for empathy.  They’ve actually been through it.

Sometimes the best psychotherapy is not from a psychologist, it’s from a group of parents who laugh together, tell stories together and support each other.  
It can be incredibly helpful to parents to feel you’re not alone, that there are times when you are in despair, that there is someone there who understands and won’t judge you, and that’s another parent.”

Professor Tony Attwood

We meet every Friday morning for coffee and a chat.  It is very informal, so please feel free to pop in any time.

Our weekly coffee mornings not only offer support, but run workshops to make resources for use at home.

We also run a weekly club for our kids and their siblings.

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