Governance of Millennium Integrated Primary School

Millennium is a Grant-Maintained Integrated (GMI) school, which means that it is managed by its Board of Governors. In line with the school’s scheme of management the Board comprises foundation and parent governors, along with representatives of the teaching staff and the Department of Education.

The role of the Board of Governors is to manage the school with a view to providing the best possible education and educational opportunities for all of the pupils. This involves:

  • setting the strategic direction for the school;
  • taking corporate decisions in relation to the statutory functions of the Board of Governors; and
  • promoting good governance.

The Board of Governors of a GMI school is the employing authority, and, as such, is responsible for the employment of all staff (both teaching and non-teaching) in the school.

Governors are responsible for the following aspects of the school:

Strategic Governance

  • setting the school’s aims and visions
  • establishing and maintaining the school’s ethos
  • setting the school’s plans and policies
  • monitoring and evaluating the school’s performance
  • promoting self-evaluation

Corporate Governance

  • school performance measures
  • school finances
  • curriculum planning
  • staff management – appointments, performance, welfare etc
  • pupil pastoral care, protection issues, health and safety
  • pupil admissions
  • publication of information regarding school and its pupils
  • managing the school premises and relations with the community

Responsibility for the day-to-day running of the school rests with the Principal, who advises the Governors on issues arising.

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