World Around Us

World Around Us

(History, Geography and Science)

Brendan Donnelly

World Around Us Coordinator

The study of history and geography offers children the opportunity to develop their investigative skills – finding out about people and places from past and present, in their local and wider environments. Linking the past with the present heightens awareness of how our interactions with the environment, and with each other, affect the way we live today. History allows children to share, study and enjoy aspects of their culture, past and present.

This area of study includes finding out about how things work and about the natural world. It involves the development of observational skills, investigations, discovery and creativity. The  children are also given  opportunities to find out about themselves and a variety of plant and animal life. Through activities like cooking, they use everyday materials and see, for example, how these are changed during heating or cooling. The school grounds, as they develop, are used to observe seasonal changes and the world of nature. Our WAU Coordinator also encourages STEM ambassadors in the school.

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