Personal Development

Personal Development

At Millennium we place high value on this aspect of a child’s education. We recognise the importance
of each child developing good self-esteem and confidence. We want our children to develop a positive attitude to learning, which accepts that getting things wrong is part of the learning process.

We want our children to learn that “mistakes are okay”, they “help us learn”, “mistakes can be fixed”
and“ if you need the help or support, an adult will be readily available”. If our children develop a willingness to persevere and the confidence to question and experiment, then the chance of them becoming lifelong learners is greatly increased! Through regular circle time, acts of collective worship and Awards Assemblies our children develop an awareness and understanding, firstly of themselves and secondly the cultures and viewpoints of others.

Our Key Stage 2 children work together as an elected Junior Board of Governors. They meet on a monthly basis to discuss issues of importance to the children, to plan for the future and to manage a playground equipment budget.

Through their time on the Junior Board of Governors they learn the skills of working as part of a committee, minute taking, making presentations, reaching consensus and many other important life skills. They also produce a termly newsletter called ‘Millennium Mirror’ which is coordinated by one of our Learning Support Assistants.

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