Language and Literacy

Sue Fitzgerald

Literacy Coordinator

Our children participate in a wide range of activities in order to develop skills in the three main areas of English, i.e. Reading, Writing, and Talking and Listening.

We place a high value on the development of literacy skills, as literacy is the key that opens the door to so many other areas of learning. Children are introduced to reading as a purposeful activity that is interesting and enjoyable. The children are encouraged to develop an enthusiasm for books and hopefully, this will establish a lifelong love of literature.

 Children, from an early age, develop presentation skills through dedicated ‘Hot Spot’ time and then into more structured presentations as they get older.

A structured reading programme is used and we have a wide range of reading texts throughout the school. Reading includes stories, poems, plays and non-fiction texts. Children are encouraged to write in a variety of genres and to form letters correctly.

Within talking and listening, children develop the ability to express their own ideas and feelings, as well as to present their thoughts and information to others.

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