Integrated Education Week

Integrated Education Week is our annual celebration of the importance of Integrated Education to Northern Ireland. AS your child progresses from nursery to P7 we hope that he or she will grow in their own faith and be enriched by the faith of others. Through their journey, your child will have a more balanced understanding and respect for the diversity that exists within our school, our country and our world. WE wish to encourage an ethos where everyone is considered equal whether they have a religious affiliation or not. Equality is woven into the very fabric of our school. Therefore, it is important to us that every family feels valued and has a positive role to play.



For one week each year in March we have Integrated Education Week (I.E.W).  This is an important annual event in our school calendar.  As usual it is an action packed week with lots of learning opportunities for the children.  This year’s topic is ‘Remember the big, small stories’, so most of our activities will have a link to this theme.  During this week we like to collapse the curriculum and take a detour from the regular teaching and learning.  The week provides different learning opportunities and the development of important skills. There is a launch assembly by our Primary 5 class led by our Integration Coordinator – Mr Gardner.

This year the activities include:

  • Launch assembly on Monday
  • Drama Sessions for the whole school over Monday and Tuesday
  • Storytelling sessions
  • Ceili – Irish Dancing Sessions for younger classes
  • Visit from Politician Jonny Orr – Q and A with P5 – 7 pupils
  • Whole School Visit to Cinema on Friday

Integrated Education Statement of Principles Award

Once again we will be presenting our annual Integrated Education Statement of Principles Award. This is a very important award as this statement underpins all we believe in and stand for. One of the key phrases in the statement is ‘…there shall be equality of respect and treatment for all children, regardless of creed, culture, race, class, gender or ability.’ This award will be presented to the K.S.2.boy and girl who have regularly demonstrated through their words and actions a commitment to these principles.

Faith Week

Each year we also have faith week within Integrated Education Week where each of the classes are given the opportunity to study a different faith and how it is important.

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