Northern Ireland Curriculum

As with all schools, we follow the Northern Ireland Curriculum – however, we feel that we offer it in a way that fully embraces our child-centred ethos.


There is a strong link to the environment in all of the play and learning that goes on in the Nursery – with planning reflecting the learning opportunities that exist both inside and outside the classroom. There is a big sand house, an outside stage for drama as well as access to the school grounds for many other activities – including visits from our gardener, Sheila.


This is where we believe that the building blocks of learning are put in place. Children are given so many different learning opportunities throughout their time in Primary 1 and 2.

With the continued emphasis on play in Primary 1 – the children have a wealth of learning opportunities both inside and outside – whether it is the fully fitted Mud Kitchen or the range of different ‘play stations’ in the classroom that are carefully planned for. This approach enhances and supports the early literacy and numeracy skills development.

In Primary 2, the continued learning is celebrated in a range of theme days at the end of each Learning Topic that celebrate what has happened. From the Medieval Day where the children make the Principal cross a moat with their meticulously designed drawbridge through to the Bug Party – where the emphasis is on celebrating all of our minibeast creatures.

Key Stage 1

The team continue to explore learning through a range of topics as well as the more formalised elements of the curriculum.

Primary 3 have  focused play (though not as much as Foundation) where creativity and exploration is encouraged in topics such as The Romans, Dinosaurs, The Solar System and The Victorians. Children are also more aware of their wider world as opportunities for Webinars and Video Conferencing are explored – including with the team in Armagh Planetarium.

Primary 4 continue this journey through a range of topics that include The Egyptians, Myths and Legends and World War Two. The children are also encouraged to be creative and exploratory through Activity Based Learning – where they can apply their learning and understanding through a range of interactive activities.

Key Stage 2

The Primary 5, 6 and 7 team have organised the curriculum in these years to ensure that there is a breadth of engagement and learning opportunities for the children.

There are topics as diverse as The Vikings, The Blue Planet, The Titanic, Fair Trade and much more. The teaching of the curriculum through these topics is an important element to the Key Stage. As well as this, there is a focus on ensuring that the children are all prepared for their journeys to their next schools after Millennium – with a natural drive to ensure that the children achieve their full potential.

On Wednesday afternoons, we collapse the curriculum to enable the children to participate in a range of activities to widen their educational and holistic experience. For the entirety of the afternoon, the children participate in activities such as Gaelic Football, Tag Rugby, Gardening, Cooking, Art, Science Club and more. This rota basis means that the children in Key Stage 2 get a good sense of the different activities through out their time in the Key Stage.

Primary 7 end their time in Millennium with a week-long residential visit in the third term.

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