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As the school was opened with only 10 children, it was a number of years later before we could think of having a Student Council. Once the children were old enough, we discussed the idea with them but they refused to be a Student Council!!! These first children were very aware of the existence of the Board of Governors as many of their parents were members of the first Board, and so they insisted that they would become the Junior Board of Governors or the JBOG.

From the very beginning each group of elected children have come along with lots of ideas and enthusiasm. They have been involved in partnership with the school principal, as well as other staff and parents, coming up with ideas. Some were wonderful and easily achievable, others IMPOSSIBLE!!! They have sorted out issues, helped practically and have contributed to the life of our school.


Every September, the children in P4, P5, P6 and P7 who want to be considered for election to the Junior Board of Governors transform into mini politicians! The children are given the idea of the qualities and skills they might need to fulfil such an important role and then these children begin the process of canvassing for votes!

Elections take place in each of the classes and then the winners take up their positions on the Junior Board of Governors.

JBOG Notice Board


  • Learnt how to chair meetings and take minutes
  • Shared ideas with Mr Corrigan about how Millennium could be an even better place!
  • Researched, planned and managed budgets for swings, witches hat and the surrounding fence at the top of the hill.
  • Introduced a ‘Suggestions Post Box’ for all pupils to share their ideas.
  • Started the ‘Millennium Mirror’ newsletter
  • Organised charity and fund raising events e.g. selling Millennium badges to buy the defibrillator.
  • Helped to choose and order furniture and books from the new library.
  • Welcomed visitors on Open Days and professionals from outside agencies.
  • Introduced the idea of the Gardening Club to plant vegetables and flowers.
  • Judged competitions on special days in school – including Crazy Hair Do, Easter Bonnets and Super Hero Artwork.
  • Created the school mascot – Turtle with the Millennium shell.
  • Wrote letters for additional parking spaces and for the fencing around the bottom playground to enable football and netball.
  • Drawn up rules for the dining hall and football.
  • Completed requisitions including playground equipment such as skipping ropes, hula-hoops and balls.
  • Helped with Anti-Bullying Week and organised rotas for Playground Buddies.
  • Met with the Parents’ Council to give ideas for the annual Barbecue

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