Eco Committee

Welcome to Millennium Integrated Primary School’s Eco-Committee!

The Eco-Committee was founded in November 2015 by the then P6 children, who believed that whilst Millennium IPS did lots of good things for the Environment, there was a lot more work to do! Primary Six studied the topic “Eco Warriors” for World Around Us and we learned about how our actions affected the local environment and even the whole planet.

The children set about completing an Environmental Review of the whole school, as well as the school grounds. We compared what our school was doing against ten of the major Green Flag Topics:

  • Energy
  • Litter
  • Recycling
  • Water
  • Transport
  • Healthy Living
  • Biodiversity
  • School grounds
  • Global perspectives

We had to ask loads of different people, from Tessa and Frances, to Mrs Roulston and Michael! Everyone helped provide some answers! But we also felt that this information needed to be displayed and organised.

One of our main priorities that we felt needed to be sorted was our Recycling! Although our rubbish was actually recycled in a plant- we felt that as a school we needed to teach our students how to do it! That way we could help Mums and Dads recycle at home too! Frances was really helpful and she organised for someone different to collect our bins!We had to do an assembly to let everyone know how things had changed.  As the school gets more and more used to recycling we hope to recycle more and more materials.

Another topic we decided to work on was litter. We felt that the litter was unacceptable around the school grounds and in car park. Together as a school we will work on this and help provide more options to recycle and reuse.

Our last ‘major’ topic is Healthy Living, which we worked with the JBOG to decide. Some pupils felt that we could be eating healthier snacks during break time and lunch. We also decided to run a campaign encouraging healthier lifestyles with some classes choosing to complete a weekly mile long run!

We will update this page with more events as we go along! Please have a read through our Environmental Review or Action Plan! If you want to get more involved, then please put a suggestion into the suggestion box at the Eco-Board! Or speak to your Eco-Committee Class Representative!

You can download a copy of our Eco Environmental Review > HERE

You can download a copy of our Eco Action Plan > HERE

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