Shared Education

Shared Education

What is Shared Education?
The Department of Education are committed to a process of encouraging schools across Northern Ireland to partner together more systematically.

The goals of developing these partnerships include:

  • Improving the standards of achievement of all our pupils;
  • Increasing the skills of staff in partnering schools;
  • Enhancing the use of resources of the schools involved;
  • Helping children develop more friendships across the community;
  • Empowering all stakeholders to be able to embrace diversity;
  • Impacting community relations now and in the future.

In August 2018 Millennium Integrated Primary School & Carr Primary School were delighted to receive funding for Shared Education for a three-year period.

The Shared Education Programme will commence with our P3, P5 and P7 classes and will focus on developing ICT and STEM.

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