Integrated Education Week

Integrated Education Week 2019

Every year at the beginning of March we celebrate Integrated Education Week.


This is a special week in school when we do different activities with our class led by different teachers.


The theme this year is Perspectives

Mrs Fitzgerald leading the children in a session all about ballet and from the perspective of boys as well. It’s called Project B.

This shows the winners of the dodgeball tournament for KS2. The boys won the competition and the girls won the best dressed. However, the teachers beat the boys in the grand final!!!!

The P6 children doing a drama task based all around perspective. The children were working independently and then in groups to freeze-frame various different perspectives in a range of given situations.

The sensory activities run by Mrs McMullan allowed children to read a story about Ellie Bean, who has sensory processing disorder, and how everybody learns in different ways. They got opportunities to try out a range of multi-sensory activities.

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