About Millennium

Welcome to Millennium Integrated Primary School


Millennium was established by a group of parents to meet the demand for Integrated education in the Carryduff area. From a founding class of 10 P1 children, the school will have over 400 children on site (including our 52 Nursery pupils) from September 2019. This was only possible due to the dedication of the families and supporters of the school.


These foundations have given us a real value in the relationships with our families. We feel that we are an open and welcoming school, child-centred and dedicated to the best interests of the children. This is only possible through the dedicated staff who bring enthusiasm and vigour to school life.

We know that teachers have an enormous impact on shaping the lives of children and, in Millennium, we keep this at the forefront of our thinking and interactions with children. We appreciate the trust that parents place on us for the care of their children and, as such, are determined to ensure that this is always done to the best of our ability.

We place an emphasis on working with parents and families to help develop ‘best practice’ in the school – to help and support you during your child’s time with us. This is done through the atmosphere set by our daily interactions as well as our very active Parents’ Council, our PALS (Parent Support) group and our Board of Governors.


As a school, we want to invest in good staff – throughout the school. We appreciate the importance of having a highly-trained and motivated staff and place an emphasis on quality training as well as supporting teachers who want to pursue their own Professional Development. This active encouragement, ultimately, benefits the children. We hope this website will give you a flavour of some of the work of the staff and the efforts that are made to ensure that your children have the best possible education.

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